About us

What is SERAD? SERAD (Skills, Education, Research and Development) is designed to support young pupils and adults the skills they need to get jobs in order to improve their future. SERAD prepares students from all ethnic minorities background for lifelong learning education by providing the knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills that they need to make informed choices and plans for their future learning and career. SERAD is committed to providing good quality education and after school clubs, impartial information, advice and guidance to every student throughout their school career. We ensure that students come in to contact with employers to encourage students to aspire, make good choices and understand what they need to do to reach and succeed in the careers to which they aspire. Our SERAD programme provides education and activities appropriate to age and need; it aims to provide students with the best possible foundation on which to base not only their post-16 choices following Year 11 but also their options choices for GCSE subjects in Year 9. We also support infant and primary children. Our SERAD Lead is Mr A Shine, who can be contacted via contact us.